Bright Bay Organic Cleaning Products

Designed for cleaning heat transfer systems while gentle on employees, equipment, and the environment, Hammerhead Marine Descaler may be used on heat exchangers to dissolve rock-like scale including barnacles, zebra mussels, calcium, lime and all types of mineral deposits from heat transfer equipment, engine water jackets and ancillary equipment.

Hammerhead Marine Descaler is formulated with biobased building blocks derived from renewable resources, making it a significant contributor to the quality and sustainability of life. Only Hammerhead Marine Descaler starts with EPA recognized environmentally friendly elements, and assembles them into an effective descaling agent.

Hammerhead Marine Descaler may be used on all types of vessels including workboats, cruise ships, mega yachts, freighters, ferries and recreational boats. Hammerhead Marine Descaler is also ideal for heat exchangers, condensers, cooling systems, and all water circulation systems exposed to hard water and scale.